junio 13, 2020



I was excited to know that Acerus is a formal band again! If you remember its previous album, the only member was Daniel Corchado performing all instruments, vocals and drum programming, even when The Clock of Mortality was a remarkable album, the sound in The Tertiary Rite is much more organic and takes Acerus to the next level.
I must say the album starts with a lot of energy in its first two songs, surely reminding me bands such as Running Wild or Rage, that kind of heavy metal full of intensity, swiftly and with character.
Then it turns more interesting with songs as The immersion, The Foresight and The Sinister Sea although they are not that fast, they are immerse in an epic atmosphere with a tremendous guitar work.
We can hear in the last third of the album the super-fast The Fight with Destiny including a powerful drumming, a song inviting us to a killer headbanging, and then The Riddle Force and The Third Rite are the last songs closing this excellent work.
In this new journey, Corchado’s partners in crime are Mario Hernández (drums), Ed Escamilla (guitar) and the vocalist Esteban Julian Peña, if you ask me; his vocals are in very good shape not high nor low. In all honesty, they did an excellent job with this “molten heavy metal” as they call their music.
My only reservation is that although the songs have great lyrics and strong melodies and they have a unique sound that does not look like any other band, some of them are too long but don’t take me seriously and listen The Tertiary Rite, it really worth it.
Finally, we will wait for the CD and Vinyl format of the album via Rest in Piece Records, the release date is august 2020 so you cannot miss it. 9/10

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